FanLabel immerses music fans in fantasy contests by letting them open a virtual record label of their own, pick songs to add to their label, and accumulate points for the songs they pick that are the hottest upward movers on the music charts.

Winning contestants are awarded prizes such as backstage passes, front row concert seats, and other promotional prizes.

Need Anything

Making frequent trips to your favorite stores just got a lot easier. With this innovative new app, send a NeedAnything request directly from your phone to your family, roommates or coworkers instantly.


ShopLoyal is a revolutionary new marketplace which connects consumers to local merchants to create a highly efficient purchase and sales experience for both. ShopLoyal is focused on creating the world’s most efficient way to connect consumers with local merchants in the first-of-its-kind live, interactive, demand-driven ecommerce marketplace.

StartupNation, LLC

StartupNation is a free service founded by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We created this site to be your one-stop shop for entrepreneurial success, and we’re thrilled that StartupNation has grown to be the leading online content and community resource for entrepreneurs.

MARC Exchange

The MARC Index and Exchange (“MARC”) for (“Masterpiece Antiquities, Rarities, and Collectibles”), will be the world’s most respected and sophisticated exchange for “masterpiece” collectibles and by doing so will create a new class of investments and asset allocations.

The MARC is designed not for the casual collector but rather for the true investor who seeks to make investments with confidence in collectibles. The MARC will be a web-based exchange modeled largely after the major stock indexes and exchanges.


Manage a Fantasy Stable and connect with fans of Arabian horses through games and contests. Create your own fantasy stable, pick horses for your favorite show and earn points to try for the top spot.

Modeled after traditional fantasy sports, such as fantasy football or baseball, FanStable is the first-of-its-kind site which allows equine enthusiasts to compete virtually in horse shows.


We. Love. Dance. And we love a little friendly competition, too! DanceFight is coming soon to the App Store!